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Providing Internet Service to White Pine and Eureka Counties
Specializing in Wireless and DSL High-Speed Internet.

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Agreement for Dedicated Wireless Internet Access

(Value Plan/Preferred Plan Agreement that is signed prior to installation

  1.     Express Internet shall provide Client 1 dedicated connection(s) to the Internet from Express Internet's closest Point of Presence (POP). Client shall pay Express Internet the sum of $________ per month during the term hereof, plus a one-time installation fee of $99.95 which shall be due upon Client execution hereof. Client will receive from Express Internet the requirements necessary to provide Client with the Connection.
  2.    The demarcation point is considered to be the access equipment provided by Express Internet located at customer’s premises.
  3.   Client agrees to a 12(twelve) month minimum service commitment. In the event that Client terminates service during the first 12 (twelve) months, the remainder of the 12(twelve) months of service is due to Express Internet immediately.
  4.   Express Internet is not responsible or liable for any of the following:
    1. Any obstruction(s) that might be erected or grow between Client’s antenna and Express Internet causing degradation or loss of service.
    2. Debris or Ice on Antenna.
    3. Re-aiming the antenna later than 14 days after installation.
    4. Installing hardware and/or software on any computer after initial installation.
    5. Re-configuration of network settings due to, but not limited to tampering, re-installation of operating system, accidental removal, moving the hardware to another computer, or any other reason.
    6. Any of Client’s equipment or software beyond the demarcation point on Client’s network.
    7. Any damage to Client’s property, or persons from any circumstance involving equipment or installation by Express Internet.
  5.   Client understands that setup fees are non-refundable after installation unless Client notifies Express Internet within 14 (fourteen) days from installation that the connection is not working. Express Internet shall use its best efforts and practices to make the connection work within this 14 day period or, upon written demand by Client, refund the setup fees and remove all equipment and cancel this agreement.
  6.   The subscriber unit, adapter card, antenna, and cable, and all other equipment installed by Express Internet are the property of Express Internet unless purchased by Client, and will be returned to Express Internet in original condition, within 5 days of service termination. Client will allow Express Internet to remove any hardware and software owned by Express Internet from Client’s computers and building. Client understands that certain modifications to Client’s property may have been necessary for the installation of this equipment and hold Express Internet harmless for any such modifications or damage. Express Internet shall not be required to remove any hardware or software owned by Client.
  7.   Client will be charged with Automatic Recurring Billing for monthly amounts due and owing to Express Internet. In the event of a declined transaction a second attempt to charge for amounts owed will be made within 24 hours of said declined transaction. Express Internet will advise client of declined transactions and request full payment within 5 days. The Client's account may be terminated if payment is not received within 5 days of notification from Express Internet. Express Internet shall not be responsible for any damages or losses which arise as a result of such interruption of service.
  8.   Client agrees to comply with terms as outlined in Express Internet’s Acceptable Use Policy published on its website (

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